July 2010 | Salmon Extravaganza

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Fish Alaska Special

Test Your Salmon IQ

by Greg Brush 32

Just how much do you really know about Alaska’s most popular gamefish? Guide and contributing FA editor Greg Brush has worked up 20 fun and informative questions to find out what you know about salmon.


Fish Alaska Fly: Dog Days

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

The hot days of Alaska’s summers aren’t called Dog Days for the traditional reasons. E. Donnall Thomas brings on the hot fly action with some “Dirty Dogs.”

Fish Alaska Travel: Northern Light

by Jim Klug

When the tundra greens and the waters clear, there’s nothing so much certain as the fact that great fishing awaits. Join photographer Jim Klug in celebration of the beauty that surrounds the fisherman in Alaska’s outback.

The Do-it-Yourself Roadie

by JD Richey

Rental car, map, regulations, waders and gear in-hand, JD Richey takes you on the road systems of Alaska and points out the productive waters that are easily in reach for the average angler.

Chasing Silver, Slabs and Crazy at the South End of Paradise

by Terry W. Sheely

Fishing southeast can mean lots of things including storms, blue-bird days, difficult passages, and lots of memorable fishing.Salmon, lings, halibut and rockfish are all to be had in the No Man’s Land off Cape Chacon. Story and photos by Terry W. Sheely.

COVER/ Big, bright, southwest coho.© Jim Klug