July 2020


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July 2020

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Caring for Your Catch

by JD Richey 40

You’ve spent the time, resources and energy to go to Alaska to harvest some quality seafood. But ensuring it arrives home in prime condition requires certain steps be taken starting the moment the fish is in the net or on the beach. JD provides excellent advice to ensure your trip results in prime table fare, including sidebars on kill bags and fillet knives.

Wrangell Rediscovered
by Terry W. Sheely 50

After a 10-year hiatus, Terry Sheely returned to Wrangell and Alaska Charters and Adventures to rediscover what it has to offer—namely, a mixed bag of fall silvers, Chinook and halibut as well as some non-fishing adventure.

Def Leppard & Clearwater Coho on the Fly
by Joe Jackson 60

Nearly 1,000 miles upstream of the Yukon River estuary, late-fall coho are a harbinger of winter in interior Alaska. These coho are as hardnosed and colorful as any ‘80s rock band, and are moved by flies equally as colorful, like Joe’s Def Leppard pattern.

The Forest that Makes Salmon
by Mary Catharine Martin 68

The Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is a prime example of the symbiotic relationship between salmon and forests in pristine watersheds. Stripping the protections of the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule threatens these pristine watersheds, including salmon, wildlife and all those who rely on them.


COVER / Father and son Chris and Kyle Titus with a trove of sockeye on the Kenai. © Kyle Titus.

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