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The Cult of Chrome
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 42

On the line and on the table, chrome-bright “chromers” are sought out by most experienced anglers who pursue anadromous fish. Don Thomas explains why they are so desirable, and how the process of deterioration starts as soon as anadromous fish like salmon, steelhead, sea-run trout and char enter freshwater.

Summer of Kodiak Salt
by Terry W. Sheely 52

Kodiak is a reliable, multi-species destination. Opportunities abound in saltwater all summer long for kings, silvers, pinks, halibut, rockfish and lings, and Terry Sheely tells you what you can expect upon visiting the Emerald Isle for a semi-DIY adventure.

Whittier—Access and Opportunity Abound
by Troy Buzalsky 60

Prince William Sound is one of the most scenic places on the planet, and it’s possible to enjoy a DIY adventure of epic proportions for halibut, rockfish, lings and salmon. Troy Buzalsky rented a 26-foot boat from Whittier Boat Rental and enjoyed a short trip last summer. Find out why he’ll definitely be going back.

Catching Bigger Fish in Alaska
by Dave Kilhefner 70

Everyone wants to land big fish, and Alaska is a great place to do it! The mechanics of landing a big fish, though, are hard to learn through trial and error. Dave Kilhefner offers some tips to think about to help you land that next fish of a lifetime.


COVER / Kodiak Island offers infinite opportunities for saltwater anglers to prospect its many protected bays. © Marcus Weiner