March 2014 | Annual Gear Issue

March 2014Departments

Alaska Traveler 6

Fish Alaska Online 8

Fishing for a Compliment 10

Tackle Tech 14

Salmon Sense 16

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 18

Fish Alaska Fly 20

Fish Alaska Boats 22

Fish Alaska Saltwater 24

Fish Alaska Stillwater 26

Fish Alaska Recipe 104

Final Drift 106


Editors’ Choice Awards
Fish Alaska‘s editors and field testers are a hard-charging bunch, spending as much time as humanly possible plying everything from tiny clearwater tributary creeks to the open ocean for Alaska’s gamefish, and for sure putting the range of angling equipment through its paces. Here are the results, those items that took it all and kept performing day after day, even when we did our very best to provoke lasting damage.

Retailers’ Choice Awards 
Who knows better what products sell and why than those who do it for a living, answering questions and taking orders behind fly- and tackle-shop counters across Alaska on a daily basis? Check out this feature to see what our state’s retailers are saying about their favorite pieces of gear.

New Gear 2014
Here we are only concerned with the new and noteworthy, and there’s a lot of both this year. From ultralight tents to fast-action fly rods and beyond, if it’s of interest to those fishing the Great Land, then it’s in here, our report on the new gear hitting shelves in 2014 or late last summer.

Tackle SPECIAL: Replacing a Rod Guide by Dave Kilhefner
Not in the market for a new rod, but missing a guide or two on an old favorite? Don’t fear, Dave Kilhefner is here to walk you through the process of replacing it, making that old rod better than new.

Fly SPECIAL: UV2 Flies, Jigs & Materials by Bill Black
If you’re looking for an edge on the water this season, look no further than this electric new material. Add UV2 to your flies and jigs as you tie this season, and expect results to follow.

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