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Secret Kings on the Coast

by Andrew Cremata

The rivers of the northern panhandle of Alaska aren’t often thought of when it comes to fishing for king salmon, but there are a few scattered gems here and there where fly-out anglers can tangle with Alaska’s state fish. Andrew Cremata visited one of them, the East Alsek River, and shares the experience in this article.



You bet there are…Kings to

Catch in 2022

by Terry W. Sheely

Southeast king fisheries, though heavily restricted in places and at certain times for the past several years, still offer outstanding king fishing for those who research what areas are open, and when they are open. From Ketchikan to Yakutat, Juneau to Sitka, anglers can still find fishing much like the good ol’ days if they choose their locations and timing well. Sheely gives the rundown on what king anglers can expect in Southeast in 2022.



The Quest for a Better Way—Future Kenai Late-Run King Management

by Francis V. Estalilla, MD

Kenai late-run Chinook salmon runs have been on the ropes for years. Everyone wants to see their numbers rebound, but the current step-down management strategy has not helped their numbers recover, and the step-down approach almost always results in a too-little-too-late, ineffective, and damaging outcome. Dr. Estalilla’s recommendations in this article, if implemented, will result in a long-overdue, effective management framework to help Kenai kings recover.



Twitching Kings

by Jared Cady

Twitching jigs is a relatively new technique in Alaska. It’s become popular for coho over the past several years, but savvy anglers have been employing twitching jigs for Chinook, too. Twitching is effective in a variety of water types and can be employed from a boat or the bank. Jared Cady shares his perspective on twitching jigs for kings.