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On The Cover

A fresh-from-the-salt Chinook is a brilliant composite of vivid color set on a chrome tapestry. © Jason Brooks



Soft Baits for River Salmon by JD Richey

No Bait? No problem. Salmon in rivers—all of them—can be caught on soft-plastic lures of one form or another. JD Richey has caught them all on a variety of soft plastics, using a variety of different techniques. You can, too.


Make the Most of Your Egg Cures by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen’s 2002 book Egg Cures: Proven Recipes and Techniques is a classic all salmon anglers should read. Scott is a credible authority on curing salmon eggs and in this article he talks about some of the procedural steps that can make or break your egg-curing efforts.


Soft Plastics for Silver by Robert Campbell

Complementing and contrasting JD Richey’s article above, Oregonian Robert Campbell shares his experience fishing for Alaska silver salmon with soft-plastic lures. Soft-plastic lures are here to stay, and coho often just can’t resist them.


Coastline Chinook by Jason Brooks

Savvy salmon anglers know that Chinook often can be found very close to shore, and often in protected areas. This is especially true in southeast Alaska. With weather always a wild card for small-boat anglers, knowing how to fish inside, close to shore in protected waters can save the day. Jason Brooks tells you how.