October / November 2012 | Ice Fishing Special

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Fish Alaska Special

Great gift ideas for anglers from the editors and staff of Fish Alaska.


How to Keep Your Reels in Top Shape

by Scott Haugen

Contributing Editor Scott Haugen shares his tips for reel care, and choosing the right line for them.

How to Approach a New Lake

by George Krumm

Learn the techniques used by Contributing Editor George Krumm when he is preparing to fish an unfamiliar lake system.

Ice Fishing Tactics 101

by Steve Meyer

Expert ice angler Steve Meyer takes a look at strategies and lures that can make your next trip a success.

The Perfect Storm

by Butch and Jehn Ehmann

Butch and Jehnifer Ehmann explore the lures, species, weather, line and depth of the perfect ice-fishing expedition.

The Three-Point Approach to Catching More & Bigger Fish Through the Ice

by Jason Durham

Jason Durham looks at the changes and advancements in ice-fishing technology and tactics.

Fish the Basin

by John Schandelmeier

John Schandelmeier takes us to some great fishing locations that are often underfished in the summer, leading to some great catches in the wintertime.