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Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 36

Enter holiday shopping season with a plan this year, beginning with the products here, sure to delight the anglers on your list whether they fish a handful or a hundred days a year. 


Pike & the Plastic Revolution
by Mike Lunde 40

Modern anglers have manifold more options of soft plastics for northern pike fishing, and coupled with refined techniques and presentations, are now better prepared to target pike in various scenarios. Here Mike Lunde outlines all the specifics you need for luring pike with soft plastic. 

Late-Season Coho
by JD Richey 46

Depending on the specific area of Alaska, coho anglers can find success anytime between August and November. In these final few weeks before the fish sprint upstream to spawn, coho turn from marauding to maniacal in a last-minute attempt to add fat to their loins. That’s just the time for opportune anglers to pounce, and here JD Richey explains how. 

The King of All Flounder 
by Chris Paparo 52

Fishing from Tanaku Lodge near Elfin Cove, the author explores picturesque southeast Alaska for Pacific halibut, looking to fulfill a childhood dream by boating the king of all flounder. Join him aboard The Whaler as he fulfills his quest.

Tip-Up Transformations 
by Tom Gruenwald 58

Tip-up fishing, done correctly, is anything but passive, as serious tip-up anglers rely on carefully calculated strategies to efficiently cover high-percentage water. Join ice-fishing expert Tom Gruenwald here to learn how
you can bring more versatility to your
tip-up game.

Arctic Sheefish Adventure 
by Scott Haugen 64

Scott Haugen leads a father-and-son trip into Alaska’s Arctic, experiencing a truly special fishing destination, learning about a local culture that few can relate to and spending time with friends—while pursuing the grand sheefish through the ice. It’s an adventure few have experienced.

Approaching a Lake: The Grid 
by George Krumm 68

The Grid is a component of your systematic game plan to catch more fish through the ice this winter, and here George Krumm goes through various structural scenarios and explains how you can setup to maximize your chances. 

COVER / Outdoor writer and longtime Hunt Alaska and Fish Alaska contributor Paul Atkins and his son Eli share a moment after a successful day on the Kotzebue Soundice fishing for monster sheefish! © Paul Atkins