October/Nov 2021


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Lessons for Anglers



    4   Fish Alaska Online

    8   Alaska Traveler

   10  Creel

   12  Gear Bag

   14  Fishing for a Compliment

   16  Salmon Sense

   18  Fly

   20  Boats

   28  Saltwater

   30  Flyfishing

   32  Conservation

   64  Recipe

   65  Ad Index

   66  Final Drift


On The Cover

Joe Jackson displays 25 pounds of prime Chinook. © Andy Ramey





Reading Water by Kelly Pinnell

We all know that some parts of the streams we fish are more productive than others. Sometimes it’s because we caught fish there; sometimes it’s because we saw others catch fish there. But what is it about those places that makes them attractive to fish? Kelly Pinnell shares a structured means of understanding why some spots are “good” so you can use that knowledge to zero in on the places most likely to hold fish, specifically non-salmon species, in other places. Included is a sidebar addressing salmon.



The Subtle Art of Stream Research

by Joe Jackson

Alaska is a huge place. Even along the road system, or close to it, are first-rate streams and lakes yet to be discovered by the masses. They are yours for the taking—If you’re willing to do some research and have the gumption to get to them. Researching potential fishing spots is easier than it has ever been; you just need to spend the time doing it.




Learning to Fish—Passing Along the Art

and Legacy of Fishing by Andrew Cremata

There is something indescribably wonderful about teaching someone anything. Teaching someone how to fish is especially rewarding for those who love one of Alaska’s most treasured pastimes. Andrew Cremata shares the triumphs of his latest protégé, Nicole; an effort that began during the COVID pandemic.




Eating off the Grid without Going off the Deep End—Thoughts on Subsistence Living for the Modern Man

by Conor Sullivan

Alaska is one of the few places in the United States where it’s relatively easy to acquire a year’s worth of wild-caught protein with sportfishing equipment. There are many health benefits to eating wild-caught fish and game. Plus, there is something extremely satisfying in combining angling and hunting passions with providing sustenance for you and your family.






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