December 2017



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December 2017

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COVER / Erik Frampton caught this behemoth king on the Kenai River and promptly released it after this epic photo was taken. © Erik Frampton

Holiday Gift Guide Part Two 32
There’s nothing like a new piece of gear to warm angling hearts, and with the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to get out there and get your shopping done. To help, we have searched high and low for some of the best new items out there—turn to this special feature and find the perfect gift to fit under your tree. 

All-Around Kenai
by Troy Letherman 38
The mighty Kenai River, and the waters crossing the peninsula of the same name, offer anglers one of the world’s best destinations to target a variety of salt- and freshwater gamefish, all within easy reach of town. Here is your guide to this fish-rich area of Alaska.   

Tranquility & Adrenaline
by Rick Birch 52
There’s always excitement surrounding a trip on the Kenai River and that’s down to the sheer possibilities the world-renowned river provides. Visit with our author in this feature and sample some of the action. 

Taking What the River Gives You
by Rick Birch 56
A family day on the Kenai offers the perfect chance to unwind, relax and share a day on the water, where the only urge was to take what the river offered, enjoying great company and creating memories together. 

Conquering the Kenai Peninsula: DIY-Style
by Troy A. Buzalsky 60
The Kenai Peninsula is a destination like none other in the world, bursting with outdoor adventure opportunity. Also, this region is ideal for the competent do-it-yourselfer who wants to turn their passion into dream-chasing. 

Kenai River Trout
by Nick Ohlrich 66
From the opener through late fall, the Kenai offers trout enthusiasts the opportunity to try a myriad of patterns, presentations and locations to target big rainbows. Knowing where, when and why is the key, and Kenai guide Nick Ohlrich is here to help.

192 Years of Trout Secrets
by Kenai River Guides 72
Renowned the world-over, Kenai trout are one of the most-chased gamefish in Alaska. Here a range of river guides dispense some of the hard-earned wisdom they’ve picked up over decades on the river.

September on the Sterling Highway
by Gary Lewis 76
September is the last month of full-on Kenai River salmon fishing and it is also one of the best times to catch a rainbow or a Dolly on a fly rod, which is why we wait all year for another run on the Sterling Highway.

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