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Mining Alaska’s

Trophy Rainbows 18

The proposed Pebble Mine near Lake Iliamna could have a dramatic impact on the fish and fishing in southwestern Alaska.

By Andy Bullick


Keeping Them Fresh 

By Doug Wilson

Here’s how to preserve your catch for the firmest, most flavorful table-fare.

Goldrush Grayling 

by Matt Hage

Matt Hage fishes for interior Alaska’s hungriest (and most beautiful), freshwater fishes.

The Egg & I 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. shows us why the main ingredient in your tackle box should be eggs, regardless of your quarry.

Alaska’s Talkeetna River 

By Jerry Wylie

Surrounded by beauty, this river flows in the shadow of North America’s highest peak and provides some
pretty dramatic fishing as well.

Sitka’s Secrets 

by Dave Vedder

Fish these undiscovered, saltwater “hot spots” with author Dave Vedder.

Togiak Tango 

by Marcus Weiner

From endless riffles in gin-clear water to deeper channels, publisher Marcus Weiner fishes this winding river in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.


By Troy Letherman

Chase spring steelhead from Southeast’s only Orvis-endorsed lodge.

COVER/An angler works to land his catch near camp on a remote float trip. © Brian O’Keefe