July 2008 | Species Variety Pack


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 14

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 20

Richey’s Salmon Sense 22

Fish Alaska Recipe 100

Advertiser Index 102

Final Drift 106

Fish Alaska Special

“They Don’t Want Here a Mine City”

by Troy Letherman 78

Editor Troy Letherman takes an in-depth look at the proposed Pebble Mine and its relationship to the regional fisheries, the state, and the people of Alaska.


Fish Alaska Fly: Sanchez Convertible 

by Scott Sanchez

Fly-tying expert Scott Sanchez suggests you take this Convertible for a spin.

Catch ’em with Cactus 

by Pudge Kleinkauf

A walk on the wild side with Pudge Kleinkauf’s bright chenille and flash flies. From the Stop & Go to the Spanker, these Alaska specials are hot!

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Wire Quick-Change Clevis 

by Dave Kilhefner

Changing lure parts can be ever so easy with this clever technique as demonstrated by Dave Kilhefner.

The Perfect Salmon Fishery 

by Greg Brush

Guide Greg Brush finds an easily accessible, manageable, perfect-for-all-anglers location that leaves even the most seasoned fishermen in total awe.

Laid-Back Lakers 

by Andrew Cremata

Relaxing is the object of this fishing expedition. Shore fishing for lake trout and abundant wildlife are the bonuses for writer Andrew Cremata.


by Captain Andy Martin

Captain Andy Martin is after some very tasty lingcod. Jigging is his preferred method. Here are some pointers to make the most of your presentation.

Fish Alaska Travel: Southeast Jewel Box 

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen raids the treasures of the Emerald Coast of Alaska and finds a trove of adventure for anglers.

Prince William Sound 

by Doug Wilson

Photographer Doug Wilson takes a visual journey through some of the most beautiful saltwater in Alaska. Oh, yes, there is a bit of fishing going on as well . . .

COVER / A beauty of an Iliamna rainbow. © Terry Gunn