June 2005 | Southeast to Southwest Special Saltwater Issue


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 14

Fishing for a Compliment 22

Advertiser Index 90

Fish Recipe 92

Proscuitto-Apple Salmon with

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

by Chef Al of the Kincaid Grill.

Final Drift 98


Fish Alaska Pro-Pointer 11

Troll the Grim Reefer to Better Success. Here’s a set-up diagram that will get you down to where the fish are

with gear that almost guarantees success!

Fish Alaska

Whale Pass, Kodiak 82

Where the salmon and halibut play—The waters between Kodiak and Afognak Island put on quite a show for those wanting thefull Alaska experience.

by E. Donnall Thomas


Fishing with Downriggers 

by Jim DiMaggio

Get “down to it” with this helpful Fish Alaska How-to, complete with charts that will help you hit the “strike zone.”

Fishing with SuperLine 

by Greg Brush 

This tough stuff is catching on, beyond saltwater, and is now used in some rather innovative ways. Here’s a Fish Alaska exclusive How-to that shows you the braid.

How Do Fish Taste & Smell? 

by Daniel Bagur 

Not how they taste and smell to you, but the science behind how fish senses work. Part three of a series.

Chatham Strait 

by Terry W. Sheely 

Saltwater and Freshwater of Southeast. This fish-fat hinge of the ABC islands produces an unforgettable experience.

The Outer Limits 

by Captain Jake Jordan 

Join Captain Jake Jordan as he assists in the birth of a new charter company that specializes in the roughest, toughest big-game fish in Alaska: Salmon Shark.

Sitka Saltwater Adventure 

by Dave Atcheson 

A Fish Alaska Destination, explore the history and spoils of southeast Alaska with Dave Atcheson.

COVER / CJ Christiansen and Jon Moyle with an Old Harbor lunker. © Bill Munro